31st International Flute Competition "Emanuele Krakamp"
31st International Flute Competition "Emanuele Krakamp" 

The Sannio Music Academy and Parma Musicians’ Association organise the XXXI edition of International Flute Contest “Emanuele Krakamp”, which will take place from 17th to 19th May 2019 at the Congress Palace in Salso Maggiore Terme (Italy). The contest is open to flute players of all nationalites.



1) REGISTRATION (click here)
The application can be sent via registered mail (it is considered the date of the delivery stamp), or via email to the following addresses: Accademia Musicale del Sannio - Via Luigi Sturzo, 42 - 82100 Benevento - Italy. It is also possible to apply online on the website - The application form must contain: •Surname and Name, place and date of birth, nationality, address, fiscal code, phone number and email address. •Category and selected songs from the available list. •Photocopy of an official Identification document (passport or ID card) as proof of nationality and age. •Copy of the payment receipt. The payment can be made by bank transfer or by postal payment (additional fees are candidate responsibility) at the account number: 1024644665. The payment must be addressed to Accademia Musicale del Sannio - Via Luigi Sturzo, 42 - 82100 Benevento - Italy.

IBAN: IT78 O076 0115 0000 0102 4644 625 


The application fees are: 


Category A   80,00 euros
Category B   90,00 euros
Category C   100,00 euros



The deadline for the application is 4th May 2019The application fees is not refundable in case of absence. The organisation team decline any responsibility in case of damage to people or belongings during the contest. All participants must attend the summons with a valid proof of ID. 




The categories are based on the age of participants as follow: 


Category A   born from 2003 thereafter 
Category B  born from 1999 to 2002
Category C  born 1988 to 1998



Participants can apply for more than one category. Participants can apply for a higher category than the one automatically assigned based on the year of birth. If a participant wishes to apply for more than one category he should submit an application form for each individual one. Candidates cannot modify what presented in the application form.


3) THE JUDGING PANEL (click here)
The jury of the contest consists of 5 members, all influential representatives of the international music field. At the beginning of the contest each judge will submit a declaration proving that there is no familiarity or friendly relationship with one or more participants to the contest. Judges who will demonstrate to have been involved in the for academic purposes with a participant in the two years previous the contest, will abstain from the vote. This abstinence will be recorded in the memorandum. The president of the jury, in agreement with the contest creative consultant, will be able to replace a member of the judging panel if a designated member will be unable to attend. As part of the jury it will be allowed without voting power a member of the ministry of Culture , Show Department The judging panel decision will be unquestionable, incontestable, unappealable and final.


The 31st edition of the Krakamp contest will take place from the 17th to the 19th May 2019 according to the following calendar (click here)


The order of playing will be determined by the drawing of the alphabetical letter which will indicate the order of showing for each category. At the end of each round the judging panel will bill posting the results. The final verdict will be determined by the arithmetic sums of all the votes excluding the highest and lowest votes. The contest organisers will provide piano player partners, although all contest could decide to require a personal piano player partner support. Any delay of the participants will be unacceptable, unless this will fit without any disruption with the contest schedule and appropriate justification will be accepted by the judging panel.


5) AWARDS (click here)

It will be the judging panel discretion to appoint ex aequo awards and/or not to appoint an award. All the awards will be delivered during the final concert and award ceremony on the 19th May 2019 at 17:30h in the Cariatidi room of the congress palace of Salsmaggiore Terme. All the awards must be personally collected. The ceremony schedule and exhibitions are at discretion of the artistic direction.


Audio and video shooting are at discretion of the organisational body, during all the stages of the contest including the final concert and award ceremony. All the participant, compiling the application form, will implicit agree to give to the contest organisational body all the rights on the shooting material. 


If the contest should be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the application forms will be withdrawn, and the application fees reimbursed. Such decision will be final.

Sede Concorso Krakamp

Palazzo dei Congressi di Salsomaggiore Terme

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